Minto Children’s Home Programmes

Minto children’s home programmes are designed to directly benefit the orphaned children as they grow and their future lives. Below are some of Minto children’s home programmes that we are currently able to offer to the children. 

  • Health & Nutrition

We provide a nutritious, life-saving meal to the girls. Most of these food stuffs come from well wishers and the community around us. We also cater for their medical care and health. As girls grow and biological changes take effect on them, more is require of their personnel hygiene and care. This calls for concerted effects to provide all the necessary needs for the girl orphan. Your commitment will change the course of the girl child future.

  • Education

Education  gives a child the tools  she needs to succeed in life and have a better future for them. The girls go to schools and integrate with others and also learn more about the outside world. Our desire is to build a school where all orphans need not to pay for fees to access education.

  • Social protection

We provide shelter for the girls in a rented house, We have learnt the art of sharing what we have, the girls share bedding and rooms and other essentials within the facility. We also have matrons and care takers who provide the much needed assistance, and provide counsel for the big girls, care for the young ones and general housekeeping. 

  • Talent Development

Each girl is talented differently and we assist them to discover and develop the in born talents. We have discovered  most girls love singing, dancing, drawing and some knitting and making dresses.

Minto Children's Home Programmes

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Eliud Otieno Odhiambo

One of the beneficiaries of Minto Children’s home. He came from Mombasa after his standard 8 examinations hoping to be assisted by his brother to continue with his studies. Unfortunately his dream was cut off when he realized that his brother did not have the finances to support him

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Health & Nutrition: Provide a nutritious, life-saving meal to the girls.

Education: Education  gives a child the tools  she needs to succeed in life. 

Social protection: We provide shelter for the girls in a rented house,

Talent Development: Each girl is talented differently.

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